out of this world granny

The invitations are out, and the students in Miss Roberts’ class are looking forward to Grandparents’ Day. Everyone but Frannie. None of her grandparents will be able to attend the big celebration.

“What if we postponed the date by one month?” suggested Frannie, so all of her grandparents could attend.

But with the food ordered and the local press booked, the day must go on as planned. Frannie’s friends are willing to share their grandparents in hopes of making the day less awkward for Frannie.

Sharing grandparents was ok, Frannie thought. But it was like getting underwear for a birthday present instead of a pair of rollerblades.

Miss Roberts asks Frannie to be her special helper for the day. Frannie agrees and begins to document the joys of the multi-generational gathering. But she wasn’t feeling very special. Frannie begins to miss her own grandparents and starts to feel sorry for herself.

Until something OUT OF THIS WORLD happens!

Roberta Wright

Roberta Tays Wright is a fifth-generation native Texan and a retired educator/administrator having served 32 years with the Houston Independent School District. As an educator, mom, and grandparent, she believes

the single greatest predictor of school success is reading to children and instilling a love of reading.

Roberta aims to encourage self-reliance and problem-solving in children by writing books with realistic examples.

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